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Let’s Do Something Big Together!

Have your impact and donation matched thanks to the Camosun College Student Society (CCSS)!

All donations made before midnight December 3 will be matched by the CCSS. That means every dollar you give (up to a maximum $12,000) will have double the impact for our students.

Join us in helping us reach our transformational goal of raising $25,000 to help erase barriers to education, so our students can afford to learn.

The new Erasing Barriers to Education Fund is open to any student at Camosun facing difficult situations. It is designed to help students succeed in their studies when they are facing financial or other hardships that impact their ability to continue their education.

At Camosun, we seek to remove barriers to student success by locating, partnering, coordinating, and helping students access comprehensive “wraparound” supports. We believe that when the academic, physical, financial, mental, social and emotional development of students are met, their path to success is paved.

Could you imagine going to class not knowing where you will sleep that night? Or having to make the choice between work boots or groceries? What if all you needed was $30 for gas to flee domestic violence? Many students drop out of school every year due to financial hardship. They are faced with costs of living that force them to make the choice of school or work. We want to change that, and help get students to the finish line, one hurdle at a time.

From all of us at Camosun College, thank you for your support today and every single day you help to enable our mission.

To make a pledged gift for December 3 please click on the “Pledge to Give” Button below. For more information on GivingTuesday at Camosun or how to get in touch please visit GivingTuesday at Camosun College.