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What is the Erasing Barriers to Education Fund?

The Erasing Barriers to Education Fund is an emergency bursary available to all students who face unexpected financial hardships or other difficulties that could disrupt their academic journey. It offers immediate support to help students continue their studies without interruption. We understand that life can present unforeseen challenges, and we are committed to ensuring that these challenges don't become insurmountable roadblocks to a student's education. The Erasing Barriers fund is open year-round to help students when they need it most.

Established in 2020, the fund has supported over 500 students with food security, housing, transportation, tuition, technology, fleeing domestic violence, text books, protective gear, tools, mental health, medical bills, childcare, and much, much more. The fund does not discriminate and is meant to support all Camosun students, many who would not qualify for traditional bi-annual bursaries including high school dual credit (SIP) students, Trades, part time, International, and returning students.