This bursary will provide financial assistance to a student in need, who is entering full-time studies in trades training.

The VanHall Trades Entrance Bursary was established by John Van Wees, who was trained as a pastry chef in Holland. From an early age, he was taught by his mother about the importance of learning a trade.  After a five-year apprenticeship, the donor worked as a pastry chef in Holland.  On immigrating to Canada with his life partner, Mr. Van Wees started work as a pot washer and then worked as a pastry chef in Victoria, British Columbia.  He later pursued his passion for antiques and collecting and, together with his partner, opened a successful antique shop in the heart of Fort Street in Victoria.  After closing the shop, he has continued to find joy in collecting antiques and art.  His experience in the trades laid the groundwork for a happy life.  John Van Wees wanted to help ensure others have this opportunity, particularly those who may need financial support to pursue their own passions.  John passed away in September of 2019.


VanHall Entrance Bursary

  • Value: $ 5000/$4000
  • Number of Awards: 2 x $5000, 1 x $4000


Eligibility Criteria

Applicant must:

  • Be entering a full time Trades foundation or apprentice program
  • Be able to demonstrate financial need
  • Must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident

Selection Process

  • The Awards Committee will review applications and recommend a recipient. Incomplete applications will not be considered
  • The successful recipient will be notified by email no later than 6 weeks after their application is received


  1. Complete one application form and attach your one-page letter of intention
  2. Review your application form for errors. NO CHANGES are permitted after the application is submitted
  3. Submit your application and supporting documents to Financial Aid & Awards. Only one application per person may be submitted

Application process

Selection process

Complete and submit the online application, and include a one-page letter of intention. Your letter of intention should:

  • Describe why you are interested in your program and what your future career goals are.
  • Outline your past work and educational experiences.
  • Speak to any past or current extraordinary personal or financial barriers or challenges.

Additional Information

  • Submit your online application to Financial Aid & Awards no later than six weeks before your program end date. Late applications will not be accepted. As this is an Entrance Bursary, it is in your best interest to apply prior to the start of your program or as early in your program as possible.
  • Applications will be accepted from May 1, 2022 until May 1, 2023 at the latest. Applications will be assessed as they are received and bursaries may be awarded at any point during the application period. Once recipients have been selected, the application will be considered closed and no further funding will be available for the remainder of the program year.
  • Adjudication of this bursary will be managed by Financial Aid & Awards. All decisions are final.
  • Students will not normally receive more than one entrance bursary.
  • Entrance bursaries cannot be deferred to a future semester or year.
  • Successful applicants will be notified by email within 6 weeks of applying.
  • Funds will be applied directly to the student account. If tuition and fees have already been paid, any residual bursary amounts will be refunded to the student.
  • Students receiving Persons with Disabilities or Income Assistance should speak with Financial Aid & Awards and their Ministry caseworker to discuss how bursary funds may impact their government assistance.
  • Bursary funds are considered income. A statement for income tax purposes will be sent to recipients by Camosun.
  • Bursary recipients are encouraged to write a thank you letter to the donor; thank you letters can be submitted to


  1. Complete one application form and attach your one-page letter of intention
  2. Review your application form for errors. NO CHANGES are permitted after the application is submitted.
  3. Submit your application and supporting documents to Financial Aid & Awards. Only one application per person may be submitted.
Section A - Personal Information
Section B - Student Study Information
Section C - Demonstration of Financial Need
Section D – Supporting Documentation

Please attach a letter below, describing why you are interested in your chosen field/program, what your future career goals are, outline your past work and educational experiences. The letter should include information regarding any past or current financial barriers or challenges.

Section E - Declaration

I understand and agree that, by clicking “Yes” below, it means that:
1.    I am a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada and have a valid Canadian Social Insurance Number. Successful applicants will be required to provide their Social Insurance Number.
2.    I have answered all questions completely and accurately.
3.    I consent to Camosun College Financial Aid & Awards staff checking or verifying information on this application. This may include the exchange of information within Camosun College and with external organizations, such as provincial or territorial student aid offices.
4.    If I give answers that are not true or if changed circumstances make me ineligible, I will be required to pay back all or part of the bursary I received.
5.    If am receiving income assistance, student loan/grant or other government funding, I am required to notify the appropriate government office of the amount of bursary funding I have been granted.
6.    I consent that the Financial Aid & Awards office may release application information to the Camosun College Foundation Office and the bursary donor. 
7.    If I receive $500 or more in bursary funds in one year, a statement for income tax purposes will be sent to me by Camosun College. I will ensure my mailing address is kept up to date.
8.    I understand that bursary funds will be applied to any outstanding tuition fees. Residual bursary funds will be provided to me.

Collection and use of information: Camosun College asks for the information on this application at the request of the donor. The information on this form and all supporting documents may be verified with Camosun College Student Records; with faculty and staff to verify your registration, class attendance, progress, grade point average, and other details related to your eligibility for the Entrance Bursary. The information collected on this application form will be protected and used in compliance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (SBC1992). If you have any questions about the collection and use of this information, contact the Associate Registrar, Camosun College, 3100 Foul Bay Rd, Victoria, BC, V8P 5J2, telephone: (250) 370-3550.