Please submit the event request form a minimum of 10 business days in advance to arrange/confirm requirements. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of support from Facilities Services.

For events at both campuses, fill out two forms.

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Event Information
Date & Location

For large events, Facilities requires the space to be booked the night before. Facilities Evening Crew will do the set up the night before. It is also recommended that a staff person from your department be on site at 4pm - during set up – should there be any questions.

For events at both campuses, fill out two forms.

include AM or PM

include AM or PM

Facilities Services Requirements

If you are booking Wilna Thomas 224 Sherri Bell Hall, skip this section and fill out Wilna Thomas 224 Sherri Bell Hall below.

Tables are rectangular 2.5’ by 6’.

If you are renting your own tables and chairs Facilities does not assist with set up.

Tables and chairs will be delivered, stacked, to the location.

If you need set up assistance, a floor plan needs to be submitted 5 business days in advance to

Venue floor plans available HERE.

Additional Requirements or Notes