Value: $1000

Award Overview

The purpose of this gift shall be to recognize a student in the Digital Communications program who has little to no prior education that wants to better themselves through education and may just need that little extra boost to help get them there.


With thanks to Paul Bamra, a Camosun Alumni, for donating this award.

 “Self-expression has been and is one of the core pillars that hold up my foundation of success. In my generation, I feel it is my responsibility to become very active in my community to change our world for the better. Enrolling and excelling in the Digital Communications program at Camosun and my community involvement have motivated me to engage in an active role in my community and improve others' lives within it. Actively involved, and offering my knowledge and experience to those who need it, has reinforced my life goal to allow others to benefit from my experience and actions.

My experience was so unique from start to finish, and to where it has led me to now, that I wanted to share it with others. The best way I knew how to do that is to give back. I've created an entrance award called The Leap of Faith for the Digital Communications Award tailored towards those who need that extra boost, to those who have little to no prior education that want to level up and reinvent themselves. My award will be $1,000 dollars annually to help start funding this scholarship for the Digital Communications Program. As I continue to grow personally and professionally, so will those in my community. To be the change we wish to see in our world today, the thought or the intention alone is not enough. We need to start looking at similarities in our fellow brothers and sisters instead of differences and be the change as a collective. Even the smallest pebble tossed can create ripples.”

Eligibility Criteria

Applicant must:

  • Any first time post-secondary student entering the Digital Communications Program on a full-time basis
  • Submit a Student Statement of no more than 500 words, detailing how you meet the objectives of the award
  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident

Selection Process

  • The Awards Committee will review applications and recommend a recipient. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • The successful recipient will be notified by email no later than 6 weeks after the award application closing date.
  • The award will be applied to the successful recipient’s tuition account for the Fall semester.  If all tuition is paid in full, the award will be refunded through Electronic Fund Transfer or as a cheque to the recipient.
Contact Information

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Camosun College Award Declaration

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  1. If, I am a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada and have a valid Canadian Social Insurance Number. Successful applicants will be required to provide their Social Insurance Number.  International students, if eligible, will not be required to provide a valid social insurance number.
  2. I have answered all questions completely and accurately.
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  4. If I give answers that are not true or if changed circumstances make me ineligible, I will be required to pay back all or part of the award or bursary I received.
  5. If am receiving income assistance, student loan/grant or other government funding, I am required to notify the appropriate government office of the amount of award or bursary funding I have been granted.
  6. I consent that the Financial Aid & Awards office may release application information to the Camosun College Foundation Office and the award or bursary donor.
  7. If I receive $500 or more in award or bursary funds in one year, a statement for income tax purposes will be sent to me by Camosun College. I will ensure my mailing address is kept up to date.
  8. I understand that award or bursary funds will be applied to any outstanding tuition fees. Residual bursary funds will be provided to me.

Collection and use of information: Camosun College asks for the information on this application at the request of the donor. The information on this form and all supporting documents may be verified with Camosun College Student Records; with faculty and staff to verify your registration, class attendance, progress, grade point average, and other details related to your eligibility. The information collected on this application form will be protected and used in compliance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (SBC1992). If you have any questions about the collection and use of this information, contact the Associate Registrar, Camosun College, 3100 Foul Bay Rd, Victoria, BC, V8P 5J2, telephone: (250) 370-3550.

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