The Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL) organizes 3000 exams each year and exam accommodations take time to implement. For exams you may require extra time, a computer, specialized software, a reader or a scribe. Please provide the CAL with a minimum of two weeks notice to ensure the supports you require are in place.

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Exam scheduling requests should be submitted at least two weeks before the exam date. Please note that if your exam date is less than 2 weeks away, CAL staff will contact you if we are unable to accommodate.

Tests, quizzes, in-class essays or assignments, and exams will be written during the scheduled exam time to ensure access to your instructor and to ensure exam integrity.

If you need your extra time to start before the class start time, please indicate “early start” in the “additional comments” field.

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Course name, number and section. Example: BUS 140 005
If you are in a trades program, please enter “Trades” and indicate the program. Example: Trades - Welding

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