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AET Clinic Award • Athletic & Exercise Therapy

Awarded to a CSEE student who has concluded their 4th year of study in the Bachelor of Athletic & Exercise Therapy program, who has successfully completed clinical placement in the AET Clinic. Note: Apply prior to completion of the program.

  • Open to 4th year BAET students only
  • Provide a summary of experience and how it will lead to your future pursuits

CFUW Victoria • Doreen Sutherland Award in Sport & Exercise

Awarded to a female student in good standing studying in any program offered by the Centre for Sport and Exercise Education. Preference will be given to an Indigenous female student whenever possible.

  • Open to all female CSEE students; preference will be given to a female CSEE student of Indigenous descent

Crofton Family Sports Education Awards

  • Open to all CSEE students
  • Demonstrate outstanding performance or contributions made to the community, the College, a fellow student or the Centre for Sport & Exercise Education
  • Two Award Recipients

CSEE Student Engagement Award

Awarded to a student who has exhibited leadership and initiative in a CSEE program, while also demonstrating a clear commitment to creating spirit and engagement in the promotion of athletics and sport education within the college and in the community.

  • Open to a CSEE student in good academic standing in any year of study
  • Provide a short summary of leadership and initiative exhibited in a CSEE program in relation to promoting athletics and sport education

CSEE Tourism Victoria Award

Awarded to a Camosun College student or student group who has exhibited leadership, initiative and creativity in the promotion of athletics or sport education within Victoria.

  • Open to all Camosun College students
  • Demonstrate leadership, initiative and creativity in the promotion on athletics or sport education within Victoria

CSEP 2016 “From Health to High Performance” Legacy Award • Two Award Recipients

Awarded to two CSEE Student who have completed a minimum of two years of full-time study (or equivalent) in the BSFL-EXW or BAET programs.

  • Two students will be awarded
  • Submit a brief paragraph which demonstrates your intent to pursue and/or maintain CSEP certification or past involvement with CSEP like activities, or articulate how CSEP certification will assist in your future endeavours
  • Applicants are required to include proof of payment of costs associated with CSEP certified exams, CSEP membership or other CSEP activities

Dean's Award of Excellence

  • Strong GPA
  • Demonstrate strong leadership and professionalism
  • Represents core values of Camosun College and CSEE

Lois M. Smith/Commonwealth Scholarship for Athletes

  • Has represented Canada or their province by competing in a major national or international event.

Pearl and Knud Boelt Centre for Sports Award

  • Open to CSEE students in their final year of study
  • Enrolled in any CSEE program
  • Strong GPA
  • Demonstrates involvement in youth sport and physical literacy
  • Two Award Recipients

Peninsula Co-op Exercise and Wellness Award

  • Open to EXWELL and KIN diploma students only
  • Top all-around student in the KIN Diploma
  • Peninsula Co-op employee, member or member’s immediate family
    • If no candidate fits this criteria, the award will be presented to a non-member

PISE Award of Excellence in Athletic & Exercise Therapy

  • Open to student entering 4th year of BAET program only
  • Desire to work in exercise therapy field
  • Strong GPA

PISE Award of Excellence in Sport & Fitness Leadership

  • Open to BSFL student only
  • Exhibits great leadership and passion for the community
  • Strong GPA
  • Desire to work in sport and fitness field

Rob Fraser Founder’s Award

  • Full-time graduating CSEE student
  • Enrolled in any CSEE program
  • Demonstrates tenacity and entrepreneurial spirit
  • Exemplifies grit, focus and strives for excellence no matter the circumstance

Saanich Physiotherapy - Kinesiology Award

  • Student enrolled in any year of study in the KIN diploma or BSFL EXWELL
  • Strong GPA
  • Intends to pursue a career in physiotherapy

Saanich Physiotherapy - Massage Therapy Award

  • 2nd year Massage Therapy Student
  • Strong GPA
  • Demonstrated clinical excellence and research integration
Award selections
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Attach a summary of your experience. Maximum size: 32 MB. Accepted file extensions and formats: TXTRTFPDFDOCDOCX, JPG.

Attach a summary of your experience. Maximum size: 32 MB. Accepted file extensions and formats: TXTRTFPDFDOCDOCX, JPG.