To be eligible for an Access award, you must:

Please complete and submit the following form by May 10, 2024. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered. There is an opportunity at the end of the form to upload any supporting documentation (e.g. electronic reference letters, essays, etc).

AWARDS CEREMONY: Friday, October 18, 2024

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Were you an Access student during the eligibility period above and have you met all the criteria for the award which you are applying for?

Student Information

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Contact Information

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You may apply for more than one award, but choose only one award per application. See link above for individual award criteria.


Fill in at least one semester by specifying the Access program(s) and/or course(s) you attended (e.g. ELD 092/094, MATH 053, ENGL 096, etc.)

Letters of Reference (Optional)

References and reference letters are optional but are beneficial to your application.

College reference letter(s)
Community reference letter(s)

You may wish to create your explanation in MSWord (using word count feature) and then copy and paste into the above box.

Other supporting documentation may include: electronic essays, Dean's Honour Roll letter, etc.)

Non-electronic supporting documentation

If you have any supporting documentation (e.g. reference letters, essays, CD/DVD, etc.) that cannot be downloaded per above, please submit in a sealed envelope (clearly marking award name and student name) to the Access School Office (E234 @ Lansdowne).