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3. Please provide 2 Canadian references (British Columbia schools preferred).


5. Does your company provide any services beyond those listed above?               

Why Camosun?

Thank you for your interest in representing our institution.

Camosun College prides itself on partnering with the best agents who will invest the time and energy to advise students on the college and program that best suits their career plan. In order to accurately assess new agent applications, we are asking that you provide further information on why you want to represent Camosun College. We want to know what you find attractive about Camosun and its programs. What do you see as a different option for your students that you don’t currently offer through the schools you currently represent. Please explain how you will advise students on Camosun, its location, and its program offerings.

The goal of this exercise is for you to demonstrate your familiarity with Camosun College, its programs, and its services. Please be as specific as you can in describing what benefits you see for your students. 

Please describe below            

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